Why are you choosing to tell a story out of the many different ways human beings communicate? And why now? Why is this the moment to tell your story?

I'm Murray Nossel

My work over the last 25 years has its roots in a listening and storytelling method that I created at the peak of the AIDS epidemic in New York City. This method was forged in the trenches, as I provided dying patients with a sacred space in which to tell their stories. Witnessing and being witnessed in the moment gave people a sense of agency and aliveness.

As your coach in listening and storytelling, I am focused on helping you discover a sacred dimension in everyday life. Working with me will allow you to expand contact with your inner life, access your innate creativity, and experience the sheer bliss of being alive.

At this moment of writing, we are in a new, more pervasive epidemic in that everyone is vulnerable to it, not just targeted populations.

We are living in a pandemic. How do we deal with all of it? Our own fears? Concerns? Sadness? And our hopes and dreams about the future?

COVID-19 has shaken us up. We’ve all been affected by it. Even when COVID-19 has been controlled, we’ll never see life the same way again. It has altered our consciousness by forcing us to face mortality, fragility, and vulnerability. We have become more introspective, less focused on material things. It’s brought people closer to nature and to one another. Video conferencing has allowed people to communicate over great distances, discovering commonality rather than distance and the sense that we are all in this together.

The questions “Why story? Why now?” wake you up to the urgency of the quest. They are the call to action. It’s spurred on by the feeling that there isn’t a moment left to waste. You have woken up to the preciousness of this human life and there isn’t a moment to waste. You want to live in a genuine relationship with yourself and tap into your true potential.

The Lion's Gaze

A storytelling method for journeying within yourself

The Lion's Gaze is a storytelling method for those seeking direction, fulfillment, and transformation

When I was growing up in South Africa, lions were part of my life. At Easter vacations, we’d drive to the Kruger Park Game Reserve, where each day we’d venture out, searching for the majestic king (and queen) of the beasts. It was utterly exhilarating to spot a lion, but always from the safety of the car.

Some years back, on a visit to the Kruger Park, I went on foot with an experienced game ranger. He admonished our group: “If we come across a lion, don’t move!” If a lion detects even the slightest movement, it will fix its gaze on you, waiting to pounce. This is the lion’s gaze, the capacity to singularly focus attention without distraction.

In the parable of The Lion’s Gaze, the enlightened Buddhist Master Padmasambhava teaches that the personal transformation requires steadily focusing on our innermost being instead of chasing after the “stick” of emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, and resentment.

When you run after your thoughts, you are like a dog chasing a stick: every time a stick is thrown, you run after it. Instead, be like a lion who, rather than chasing after the stick, turns to face the thrower."

Guru Padmasambhava

The Lion’s Gaze storytelling method is for those wanting to take a break from routine and explore their lives as a territory filled with riches and possibility. In this method, we are not aiming to find out what we already know. What’s the point of that? No, instead, we are looking to defamiliarize ourselves from the habitual mental formations that keep us stuck. How to do that? First, learn to listen to yourself with an open mind and open heart, and then tell a new story that allows you to see your life differently.

Listening and storytelling are the vehicle to creatively enter that uncharted territory of our consciousness, where we are connected to ourselves, all other living beings, and a greater spiritual awareness.

In the Lion’s Gaze, we are seeking to discover something new about ourselves, and to dislodge those stories that bring us pain and suffering and replace them with those that renew our vitality every time we tell them.

It's time to stop chasing the stick.

Focus your lion's gaze on what matters.

By learning to identify our turbulent emotions and letting them go, we are able to develop a steady and awake inner gaze. With practice, we’re increasingly able to master the challenges of your life with a relaxed mind and open heart, and to gain freedom from habitual negative patterns.

This means recognizing the preciousness of this human birth by cultivating gratitude and appreciation for one’s life, no matter what the circumstances are, appreciating those who’ve come before us; parents, grandparents and ancestors.

One’s life story – no matter the circumstances – provides a gateway to an inner journey, revealing one’s genuine sense of place and purpose.