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Individual and group coaching in listening and storytelling.

Working with Me

I draw on my total experience, including psychology, storytelling, filmmaking, and Buddhist practice, to help you master the challenges of life with a relaxed mind and open heart, ignite your creativity, and find your direction. No matter the level of engagement with my clients, I always begin with the questions “Why story? Why now?”

The questions “Why story? Why now?” wake you up to the urgency of the quest. They are the call to action. You have woken up to the preciousness of this human life and there isn’t a moment to waste. You want to live in a genuine relationship with yourself and tap into your true potential.

In our work together, you’ll learn to excavate your life for seminal turning points: the things that happened to you, stories you heard or didn’t hear about you forbears, people and animals that impacted you and the environment you grew up in. You will learn to tap into your sense memory to summon up things you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched. Some recollections will be joyful, others painful, but whatever the case you will learn to see life lessons in all your experiences, paving a creative and productive way forward. Through telling your story you will experience the sheer bliss of being alive

“Murray is a wizard at helping people open up and breathe life into their own stories, and find the depth and magic in their own lives.”
Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, Buddhist Author and Teacher

Murray Nossel’s work with storytellers has been an inspiration to me.

Personally, I have been the beneficiary of his wisdom, compassion and skill which have helped me shape and tell my own story.

Professionally, I have worked alongside him, witnessing his work with people who did not believe they had a story to tell, and if they did, they never thought they could tell it. Time and time again I have seen people moved and inspired by their own courage and creativity.

I highly recommend the experience of working with Murray as a path to knowing yourself and your story in a new way.

Paul Browde, MD, Narrative Psychiatrist
A portrait of Murray Nossel in a blazer and t-shirt that reads "I'm still alive" with his hands clasped

Individual Coaching

Learn to listen to yourself with a relaxed mind and an open heart to release the stories that cause you suffering and replace them with those that renew your vitality.

Group Masterclass

Learn how your story impacts your relationship with others in a living laboratory. An inward-looking journey exploring our human nature together while learning from one another.

Learn to be your own best listener

I appreciate what Murray says about creating your own container for listening to your own story. I've benefited so much, even just in one conversation, thinking about how to bring a more loving container to my own internal monologues--how to shift that narrative.

Anxiety is often about the hyper-analytical meta-processing of what you're doing. I've been conscious of late of how I'm listening to my own internal talking, but not certain about even asking the question of how I could do it differently. So I like the idea that part of it is not shifting the telling, because that's just more words--it's shifting the shape of the internal listening. That seems helpful as a concept and a path.

Sarah Stillman, MacArthur Foundation "Genius" Award; Staff Writer, The New Yorker; Teaching Faculty, Yale School of Journalism

Success Stories

Three members of our family – my mother, my daughter and me – were transformed by the opportunity to work with Murray. It is remarkable to tell what happened. It forces those of us who are too intellectual to look around. It forces people who are fixed in a negative space to accept that reality might be different. And it helps young people hold their ground in the face of whatever opposition and confusion are out there.

Mindy Fullilove

Murray brings the creativity out of me like no one has ever done before.  I completely trust him.

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