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Unlock your personal and professional potential by excavating, crafting and presenting your story with master storyteller and motivational speaker,
Murray Nossel, Ph.D.

A groundbreaking guide to business storytelling.

Powered by Storytelling: Excavate, Craft, and Present Stories to Transform Business Communication by Murray Nossel, Ph.D. shows you in seven steps how to tap into the timeless power of storytelling to transform your business communication. Dig beneath the obvious to excavate personal stories that build a powerful connection with your audience. Read case studies about leadership, sales, team building and professional and personal development.

“Knowing how to craft and tell a purposeful story is a seminal skill set for every business communicator. Powered by Storytelling offers a must-have methodology for anyone who wants to learn how to tell winning stories for business success.”

—Peter Guber, chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group and New York Times bestselling author of Tell to Win

“As our lives become more digitized, the power of storytelling will rise, elevating our humanity. No one captures how to harness this tool as well as Murray Nossel. This is a fabulous handbook on how to connect through storytelling and how to listen with intent.”

—Faith Popcorn, founder and CEO of Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve

“Stories are the key differentiator, and Murray Nossel’s listening and storytelling method provides a straightforward yet ingenious way to create that differentiation. It is the engine that fosters the creativity and innovative thinking to tell a unique story. Powered by Storytelling is an indispensable asset.”

—Jonathan D. Klein, cofounder and chairman of Getty Images


Nossel is...

Murray Nossel, Ph.D., sees every situation and every interaction as an opportunity for listening and storytelling. He has taught storytelling for 25 years in more than 50 countries with more than 10,000 people. He believes that something personal and expressive lies deep within each of us. If you ask him, he will say unequivocally that we all have a story to tell.

Murray is the co-founder and director of Narativ, a company that specializes in storytelling for business. He is a storytelling performer (Two Men Talking) and an Academy Award® nominated filmmaker (Why Can’t We Be a Family Again?). Murray is currently producing and directing “Sala: The Letter Carrier.” He served on the teaching faculty of the Program of Narrative Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and is the founder and director of the World Mother Storytelling Project.

How can we

work together?

A signature story is an indispensable tool
in the executive toolkit. It is the consummate
expression of your values in story form.
You can tell it in a pinch or before a
major keynote. Enter into the creative
process of excavating, crafting, and
learning to present your signature
story under Murray’s expert tutelage
and inspired guidance. Begins with a minimum
package of five 1 hour sessions.

Organizational transformation begins
with each individual story and the culture of storytelling they create.
A motivational speaker par excellence,
Murray’s natural and genuine manner
creates the optimal environment to
learn about listening and
the fundamental principles of storytelling.

In trainings of 1 to 3 days,
Murray and the Narativ team take participants
through the 7 steps of his listening
and storytelling method.
Keynote-like instruction,
breakout groups, practice in dyads,
impact measurement and extended
learning via an online platform are all
part of this training.

Murray Nossel:

the full story.

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Download the PDF to learn about Murray’s keynote topics, including his newest keynote, the World Mother Storytelling Project.

“Working with Murray provides a lot of clarity. It gave me an opportunity to reflect and to say things out loud that maybe I wouldn't have said otherwise, and in doing so, gain a perspective that helped me solve challenges that my team and I were facing. ”

Craig Kostelic, Chief Business Officer, Conde Nast Lifestyle Collection, Conde Nast.

For 25 years, our method of listening and storytelling in business has had a proven,
measurable, and transformative effect on teams, culture, and individuals.

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Filmmaker Murray Nossel explains the benefits of a well-crafted narrative for businesses.


The WORLD MOTHER STORYTELLING PROJECT is a global, listening and storytelling movement that aims to encourage empathy, respect and understanding of the essential role mothers perform in family and society. The Project seeks to transform global narratives of mothers and motherhood through listening and telling stories. Powered by Murray Nossel’s Listening and Storytelling methodology, the Project emphasizes the reciprocal relationship between listening and telling as a means for personal and social change. By accessing the knowledge found in mothers’ stories, the World Mother Storytelling Project will address the inequalities experienced by mothers, utilizing their voices as agents of change, individually, socially, and politically. A World Mother Storytelling Library will serve as a multi-vocal and multimedia platform for mother stories to be documented, archived, and shared publicly.

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