Step Into Your Power With Story

Learn to apply the transcendent power of listening and storytelling in my group masterclass.

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Break Free From the Past

Stories define us. They’re how we make sense of our lives and past experiences. What stories are you telling yourself that are no longer true or no longer serve your life’s purpose?

When we allow others to shape the narrative, we lose control of our very identity. By reclaiming our power—our stories—we break free from the bonds that temper our creative spirit and limit our full potential.

Set yourself free by learning to tell a new story.

Become the Author of Your Story

You can become the driving force behind your life’s story. All you need are the tools.

In my Masterclass, you’ll learn how to excavate, craft, and present your story in an optimal listening environment. You’ll exchange the gift of listening by witnessing other learners, inspiring you to grow into your story alongside each other.

Redefine your life’s story by embracing the role of author, leaving self-judgment and unhelpful criticism behind.

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Masterclass Curriculum

Join a group of like-minded learners on an 8-week journey from where you are to where you want to go.

Week 1: Why Story? Why Now?

Awaken to the urgency of your quest for true fulfillment. Review best practices for the Masterclass, learn the practice of meditation, and discover the tenets of the four noble truths.

Week 2: Sacred Time & Space

Explore the fundamentals of sacred time and space. Learn about the centrality of intention, create a unique space of your own, and map your stories of refuge.

Week 3: Embodied Listening

Learn how to listen with an open heart and self awareness. Observe when listening challenges you, and ultimately remove listening obstacles in your way. 

Week 4: Sense- Based Storytelling

Receive detailed instruction on my storytelling method. Ask, “What happened?” and rely on your body memory to answer. Practice creating new, freeing interpretations of your story.

Week 5: Creative Inspiration

Break free of the habitual ways of telling your story. Discover a new narrative by living creatively, removing creative obstacles, and enhancing your creative spirit.

Week 6: Writing Your Story Down

Embrace the paradox of writing to let go. Learn to clarify, refine, and practice presence in your writing and watch as the story you tell also changes.

Weeks 7 & 8: Presence & The Act of Telling

Declare your story finished. Culminate your journey by learning how and when to share your story. Listen with and present your story to fellow group members.

After the Masterclass You Will…

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See Your Life More Clearly & Objectively

Listen without self-criticism or blaming others.

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Improve Communication & Face Life with Courage

Develop an intimate relationship with your own life.

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Find Freedom & Transform Reality

Tap into the bliss of making something new.

What People Are Saying

“The process in class changed how I see the world and my place in it. I am more grounded and at ease, less serious, and more committed. Murray models aliveness, participation and compassion. I went to Murray’s classes for 3 years and when they start again I am going back.”

Susan Calhoun Moss,

Masterclass participant

“With Murray’s excellent facilitation, I was able to go inside myself and discover stories that were amusing and moving. I found a voice and confidence that was more powerful than I could possibly imagine. Work with Murray. Enveloped in his extraordinary listening, you will be one of the fortunate few who will be guided by a true master.”

Craig Harwood

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, & Writer

“Murray Nossel’s work with storytellers has been an inspiration to me. His wisdom, compassion and skill have helped me shape and tell my own story. I highly recommend the experience of working with Murray as a path to knowing yourself and your story in a new way.

Paul Browde, MD

Narrative Psychiatrist

“Murray is a wizard at helping people open up and breathe life into their own stories, and find the depth and magic in their own lives.”

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

Buddhist Author and Teacher

What the Masterclass Includes

Starting from week 1, you’ll join 8-10 others in this small group masterclass through a progressive curriculum designed to develop your skills in my listening and storytelling method. By weeks 7 and 8, you’ll practice putting your new tools into action by presenting your own story to the group.

  • Eight 90-minute live online sessions
  • A structured curriculum
  • Tailored, written materials
  • In-class coaching
  • Additional video materials

Your Investment: $1,680

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When to Apply for the Masterclass

The group environment of the Masterclass functions best when individuals bring a common goal and mindset to the class. Applicants who qualify bring the following:

1: A Clear Purpose

Before attending the class, you should have a clear understanding of “Why story? Why now?” Success in class depends on knowing what you hope to accomplish.

2: A Desire to Learn

You recognize that applying a new way of telling stories to your life will require you to try new things. With my coaching and your open mind, you can achieve your full potential.

3: A Willingness to Face Your Fears

You seek true transformation and are willing to sit with unpleasant feelings to ultimately transcend them. Your courage will only build with practice.

No, the Masterclass is not an attempt to fix something that’s wrong, nor an attempt to replace treatment for anxiety, depression, phobias, or any kind of mental illness.

The course is not concerned with commenting on or interpreting anyone’s behavior or inner feelings. Instead, the course offers guidance on how to apply my listening and storytelling method to each person’s individual path—it’s up to each individual how they put it into action.

Absolutely not. The course is for anyone who wants to learn the skills of listening and storytelling and apply them to their own lives.

Each of us have a multiplicity of stories to tell. Seeing your life as not interesting arises as a result of critical self evaluation, judgment, and opinions. One of the central aims of the class is to teach you how to listen to yourself openly and non-judgmentally so your creativity can flow.

Each Masterclass group is composed of 8-10 fellow listeners and storytellers who have satisfied the entry requirements.

Each live online session is 90 minutes long.

Online streaming sessions are held in the evenings at US Eastern Time.

Registration for the MasterClass is $1,800 and includes:

  • Eight 90-minute live online sessions
  • A structured curriculum
  • Tailored, written materials
  • In-class coaching
  • Additional video materials

Don’t let cost be a barrier. If this isn’t in reach for you financially, fill out our financial aid application. 

Murray works with a select few individuals each year. You must have a very specific project you’re working on—such as a presentation, speech, or TED Talk—and a clear vision of why story and why now. Individual coaching with Murray to guide you through this process is $420/hr. Reach out today to talk about your project and see if this is a fit for you.

Become a master listener and storyteller. This Masterclass will equip you with the skills necessary to embody the full power of your story and, ultimately, your full potential.

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Meet Murray Nossel

Born and raised in South Africa, I began my career as a clinical psychologist. After experiencing the power of storytelling firsthand in my own therapy and that of my patients, I emigrated to New York in 1990 to pursue a life as a professional storyteller.

After earning my PhD in social work, I began helping others tell their stories, from empowering individuals suffering in the AIDS crisis to founding a corporate communications company, Narativ.

Through my Masterclass, I offer transformative storytelling experiences to groups who want to embark on a journey to uncover the power of story together.