Helping community leaders, activists, and advocates claim their voices through excavating, crafting, and telling stories

The change you want to see in the world starts with your own story.

In 1994, I created a group method to help people with terminal AIDS diagnoses listen and tell stories to one another. Recounting their life stories as others bore witness allowed them to come to terms with death with the dignity of being known and heard. Furthermore their stories were legacies through which they’d be remembered in the future. Telling their stories was not only therapeutic for my clients, but also a powerful channel for their political and social activism.

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Success Stories

“Murray Nossel taught me how to get people to listen.”

Gita November

I have seen lives transformed around the world as Murray helps people unearth the stories that are central to their lives and learn to tell those stories in a way that forges profound connections across barriers of prejudice and power – in this way opening pathways to social and political change.

Brett Davidson, Director of Media and Narratives, Open Society Public Health Program

Working with Roma Leaders

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Past Work

Two men who work for the International Transport Workers’ Federation crouch in fromt of a blue building

International Transport Workers’ Federation

Together with Narativ, an organization that facilitates storytelling, we’ve created a multi-country storytelling program. It empowers transport workers, a high-risk group, to speak out openly about HIV/AIDS and take action for the sake of their health. Its aim is to eliminate inequality, subordination and isolation.

A pamphlet about humanizing and decriminalizing sex work

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